Splendour of Iran



'The scope of the coverage, both artistic and historic, is massive...the texts informed and yet accessible.' The Spectator

The three-volume publication shows how ancient traditions still affect the life and customs of present-day Iran in almost every sphere of human activity: in architecture and engineering, science and medicine, philosophy, sculpture and painting, tilework and carpet-making as well as in the enduring art of poetry.

'Splendour of Iran' was created through a five-year collaboration between Booth Clibborn Editions and Iran University Press, combining international design and publishing with Iranian scholarship and photographic access.

As Managing Editor, Alex led the international team, working in the UK, Iran and Hong Kong. She oversaw the assimilation of sixty academic contributions and more than one-and-a-half thousand images, as well as commissioning Cambridge University to develop a new transliteration system.




Alex Harvie specialises in devising and implementing content-led communications campaigns.


She has developed perception change strategies for large-scale regeneration projects including Wembley Park, the London Olympics, Barking Riverside and the Greenwich Peninsula, as well as devising national outreach projects for high-profile organisations such as DEFRA and the Design Council.


Alex’s publishing work ranges from the commemoration of British victims of September 11 for DCMS, to the first definitive cultural redefinition of Iran in 70 years.


email:  alex@alexharvie.com